Geoff – April 13 St Petersburg We’re off on our overnight train from st Petersburg to Moscow, then flying all day tomorrow to get home. We’ve spent the last two days with these great Russian friends here, and are sad to leave. See y’all Canada side, thanks for reading us these last 2 months. -g […]

Alan – April 11th St Petersburg Though Geoff and I haven’t written all that much about trains yet, riding the rails has been a huge part of this trip. In all, we’ve travelled over 15,000 kilometres by train (all of our travel save a couple bus rides and the trip down the Yangzi) including 15 […]

Geoff – April 11th Friends Hostel, St. Petersburg We’ve spent a surprising amount of time in Irish bars on this trip – most of our time in Shanghai was spent in various Emerald Isle establishments, in large part because we were visiting Canadians over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. And, now in St. Petersburg, just […]

Geoff – March 31st Idre’s Guesthouse, Ulan Bator Alan and I are back in Mongolia’s capital city after a few days spent in the semi-Gobi desert with a nomadic Mongolian family. What a time it was – we rode camels and horses, hiked some rocky mountains, and ate more mutton than a Greek family at […]

Geoff – April 3rd Baikaler Hostel, Irkutsk, RUS I knew that I was taking a risk when I decided to bring only One Pair of Pants on this trip. Two months, through some cold weather… I thought that it might present some problems. I would have to wear shorts every time I wanted to wash the One Pair […]

Alan – March 29th In a truck, travelling 280km into the Mongolian steppe My favourite thing about travel, without question, is seeing and experiencing the life of the people who live where you’re traveling to. Obviously, this sentiment is not unique – people venture out of their everyday lives and comfort zones to experience something […]

Geoff – March 29th Idre Guesthouse, Ulan Bator Here is a whole wack of pictures from the last week or so of our journey. The first couple are from day 2 in Beijing, when we went to see Chairman Mao Zedong’s embalmed body, housed in a mausoleum in the middle of Tian’anmen square. The first […]